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Tashi Tantra Expert in Athens

Tashi’s Tantra Massage Expert in Athens

Catering to her deep curiosity about the human mind and spirit, Tashi obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology in the United States. Her spiritual journey began with a trip to India, where she discovered the spiritual side of life. It was there, many years ago, that she was first introduced to Tantra, a journey that would become a lifelong study.

Tashi's Studies with Indian and Tibetan Tantric Masters

In April 2014, during Navratri in India, Tashi’s life changed when she was initiated into Sattvic Tantra by her Indian Tantric guru. In February 2015, she returned to her guru for further teachings and guidance. In the same year, she was introduced to Tibetan masters at a Tibetan monastery in Brandenburg, Germany. By 2020, she decided to switch her practice to Tibetan Tantra - Vajrayana, practicing the Highest Yoga Tantra for a Goddess.

A Commitment to the Path of Tantra

Dedicated to Tantra, Tashi served as a faculty member of an online Vedic university in India, attended Satsangs with a Vedic Tantric to broaden her understanding, and recently completed a course in Tibetan Tantric Yoga and philosophy from Menla & Tibet House. Additionally, she studies and practices Vedic Astrology, which is intricately linked to Tantric traditions.

Bringing Tantra into Daily Life and Work

While Tantra massage falls under Neo-Tantra, which is different from the traditional religious practice, Tashi’s deep experience with religious Tantra, her knowledge of the body's energetic system, and her ability to serve as a Tantric medium add a unique and divine touch to her Tantra massages. Tashi now offers her Tantra massage services in Athens, continuing to share her profound expertise and passion for Tantra.

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