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Prostate Massage

Experience the transformative power of Prostate Massage 

Tashi is an expert in this art, having introduced numerous men to the incredible sensations of their bodies' G-Spot—the Prostate Gland. Nestled just two inches inside the anus, this walnut-sized gland holds immense potential for healing and pleasure. Through skillful massage techniques, Tashi helps unlock a world of sensation, leading to powerful orgasms and lasting psychological highs, as reported by many clients.

In the realm of Tantra, the G-Spot is revered as a man's emotional sex center, believed to hold pent-up emotions that Prostate Massage can release. This practice is not only deeply pleasurable but also profoundly healing on both physical and emotional levels. When combined with Lingam massage, the effects are amplified, resulting in a holistic experience that addresses mind, body, and spirit.

Enjoy the convenience and privacy of a Prostate Massage session in the comfort of your Athens hotel room


 Whether you're an experienced explorer or a curious beginner, Tashi ensures a gentle and loving approach tailored to your individual needs and comfort level. Simply communicate your preferences at the start of your Deluxe Massage session, and Tashi will expertly guide you through this transformative experience of self-discovery and sensual exploration.

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