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Tashi delivers the ultimate pleasure of a true Tantra massage in Athens

Tantra massage in berlin

At the forefront of Tashi's Tantra Massage Athens is professionalism and expertise which has gained her a reputation as being one of the leading Tantra masseuses in Europe. Tashi has initiated many people into this form of bodywork and continues to do so.

Clients come out delighted after their Tantric journey, with many claiming to have found a new clarity in their bodies and sexual lives — a clarity that they look forward to exploring in their personal lives.


For almost a decade, Tashi has catered to the most discerning of international clients from the thriving creative center of Berlin, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Lisbon and now Athens. Her desire for therapeutic perfection has created a list of clientele who value her open mind, expert technique, and depth of knowledge in the healing art of Tantra Massage.


For those who yearn to explore the new and unknown, Tashi has a number of session types to cater to your individual needs. Tantra is about awakening, and when given by the hands of a Tantric practitioner such as Tashi, she is able to elevate energetic blockages resulting in body and mind rejuvenation.


Tashi is a tantra masseuse who honours Tibetian Tantric teachings and during your time with her, you will learn a little about Tantra. Along with her knowledge of this sacred science, she has also learned numerous massage modalities and incorporates the modern sciences of transpersonal psychology and sexology.

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Tashi is a Tibetan word which means Auspicious. A common phrase in the Tibetan language is Tashi Delek- meaning Good Luck. Many Tibetan Mantras contain the word Tashi- as it means we are calling on divine good fortune.


With the blessings from her Tantric , she is using Tashi for the name for her Tantric healing work along with the Tam Syllable (Green Tara) to energise the the website and attract sentient beings who want to receive healing from her and her Tantrikas.


Tashi offers two luxurious outcall Tantra services in Athens: outcall Tantra massage to hotels and outcall Tantra training at hotels.Outcall Massage Athens was founded on the philosophy that busy clients benefit most from Tantra massage and training without the stress of traveling to a studio. Enjoy the convenience of staying in your hotel for the most relaxing and enriching experience. For pricing details, please visit the Booking page.

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